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Open on July 1st

Great excitement as we get ready to open our doors to visitors for the first time in 16 months!

Our new Adventure Garden is now coming together after months of hard work by our Landscape Designer and Artist Fin Barge, and its going to offer a terrific additional play space for our adventurers.

We also have brand new Birthday Party themes to really give a party that extra bit of Wow! We are gathering treasures galore to include a fantastic Scavenger Hunt at the end of your themed party. Packages catering for all tastes and budgets. See them on our party page and keep an eye out for all the other mind-blowing party themes coming up as we move out of restrictions.

Finally, to pique the interest of all our toddler families, we are in the process of developing the most wonderful toddler space, that not only offers younger children a fun and developmental play experience, but one where we hope parents will be overjoyed to spend some time.

Keep an eye out for developments in the weeks to come!

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