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Curriculum for Excellence

At Cairndow Community Childcare we promote play-based education and adhere to national guidance from the Curriculum for Excellence (CfE).


CfC is split into 4 capacities which are:

  • Successful Learners

  • Confident Individuals

  • Effective Contributors

  • Responsible Citizens

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 We know that the early years of a child’s life are crucial to their development and our practitioners work to ensure that every child gets the best possible start in their education at our nursery.

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Additionally, we take guidance from the following resources:

* Pre Birth to Three

* Getting it Right for Every Child

* Building the Ambition

* How Good is our Early

  Learning and Childcare


Child-led learning

Responsive planning is key to the learning opportunities and experiences we offer children at Cairndow Community Childcare.


Our practitioners facilitate learning activities based on topics chosen by the children in our care. Children are encouraged to share their interest through floor book mind maps and group discussions.



 The Great Outdoors 

Outdoor learning

We believe there’s nothing we teach indoors that cant be taught outdoors, and make use of our fantastic outdoor area and the space around the childcare to support learning through play.

 Our children spend as much time outside as they do inside, whether it be on Forest School sessions in the woodland areas that surround the childcare or down exploring on the shore.

Outdoor Learning

The beauty of children playing outside is that they learn so much more and so differently from playing inside. Taking children into the woods and allowing them to negotiate uneven ground, circumnavigate logs, wildlife and precious flowers helps even the youngest walkers to manage themselves and better judge risks.

WE commit to offering a more heuristic and real experience of the great outdoors and hope to inspire them and encourage a love and respect for nature for years to come.

Outdoor Learning

It is easy under the guise of health and safety to try and remove the risks and therefore take away challenge in the activity or environment for the children.


We understand that a child’s needs for challenge, if not met, will often express itself in other ways including challenging behaviour.


The importance to us of outdoors play and learning is providing children the opportunity to take risks, encourage the right choices and build their self-confidence.

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